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V- MIXER MINI 1 liter capacity
Created for the needs of pharmacists and small laboratories, the new mixer represents the essence of simplicity and manageability, but confirms its strength.
It is built entirely of stainless steel with polycarbonate lids in accordance with accident protection standards, is easy to use, operated only by the Start and Stop buttons.
Inside the machine, a magnetic switch locks the machine in case the door opens.
The speed is fixed and makes about 80 rpm.
The V-shaped tank is made entirely of stainless steel and is simple and innovative to fill. In fact, the lids are twisted at both ends, allowing for easier loading and unloading.
Dimension 473x260x260, weight 10 kg. Voltage and power 230V / 40W

Watch a movie of how the machine works here.

V- MIXER  5 – 10 – 20 lit

Powder mixer for pharmaceutical, chemical and food use suitable for mixing powder and granules. It is used in laboratories and small productions.
The cylindrical structure is a recognizable feature, and the mixing capacity is well proportioned and efficient without the accumulation of powder. The cylinders are made of stainless steel.
All machines have a polycarbonate cab for protection.

MODEL Mixer 5 Mixer 10 Mixer 20
VOLUME 5 lit 10 lit 20 lit
MAX.CAPACITY  OF PRODUCT 2 lit 4 lit 8 lit
OPTIMAL CAPACITY  OF PRODUCT 1,4 lit 2,8 lit 5,6 lit
POWER 0,55 Kw 0,55 Kw 0,55 Kw
DIMENSIONS 720x360x615mm 850x360x785mm 950x340x830mm


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