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-Mini: mechanical desk-top sealer for small productions or samples that do not have the option of imprinting the date when welding
-Standard: mechanical sealer on stand
-Pneumatic: pneumatic desktop sealer
All models have a 6 mm resistance on both jaws and can seal also plastic bags or in multilayer films. On models Standard and Pneumatic we suggest also the tube holder/holders + guide to facilitate the operation and for a better result.  For cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, food products, for test productions, small productions, in shops and laboratories of all sorts.


MINI sealer

Tubes  (maxium 2 tubes) are placed on a supporting table that can be moved up and down so that seal will be performed exactly on the tube’s rim. Sealing time and cool-off time can be adjusted according to needs by separate timers. Pressure on the jaws can also be mechanically adjusted. The operator presses the lever to open the jaws and insert the tubes; jaws close when the lever is released. Their positioning can be adjusted before starting the sealing cycle by a pushbutton.Sealing cycle is fully automatic and shown by a LED. While the sealers performs the sealing cycle, the operator can prepare the next tubes for sealing. When cycle is over, the operator pushes on the lever to open the jaws, take out the sealed tubes and insert the next ones. The Mini sealer can also be used to seal bags up to 15 cm wide. Bags can be made of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC – any thickness, some multilayer films, coextruded films. The sealer can be placed anywhere and only needs a 230V connection. Absorption 200 W/hour (only during sealing cycle). Dimensions 40x37x54h cm, weight 15 kg.


Standard sealer

Standard is a very powerful vertical sealer on stand, p to 6 tubes can be sealed at the same time.
Trays are custom made and allow to:
– place tubes correctly with the printed side on front and a correct distance between one tube and the next;
– use all the sealing width to seal several tubes in one operation;
– seal exactly at the bottom of the tube.
Tube holders are made of stainless steel and slide easily into sealing position.
welding width 60 cm
type of seal ribbon seal 6 mm wide
polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC – any thickness;some multilayer and coextruded; plastic tubes
dimensions 65x56x125 cm, weight 40 kg
Tension 230 V, absorption 1500 W/hour (only during sealing)


Pneumatic sealer

Desktop heavy duty sealer for  6 plastic tubes, bags and pouches
sealing width 60 cm,
sealing ribbon seal 6 mm wide – resistance on both jaws
materials: polyethylene tubes, plastic, coextruded and multilayer bags, stand-up pouches, any thickness
movement by compressed air start by electric pedal
dimension cm 80x52x98cm weight 55 kg
voltage 230 V single phase, absorption 1300 W/hour

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