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The machine Jupiter series presents a number of different functionalities and capabilities, which could be used for the production of any of the following products: cosmetics creams, milky detergents and
nutrients, make up products, body soaps, shampoos, pharmaceutical creams, gels and any powder disperse in liquid solutions.
In the food and beverages industry the machine could be used for the production of the following products: marmalades, ice cream ingredients, cheese, alimentary creams, and yogurts.

Main features:
Made tank shell and stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) polished RA 0.8 micron (Mirror).
The stand made of painted steel cladding of stainless steel AISI 304th

Model MONO 100
Weight 1150 kg
Container Size: diameter 600-660 mm shell
Working height 600 mm
Total capacity 132lit, usable capacity 100lit, minimum operating capacity 20lit

Slow mixing:
Mixing circular blades opposite direction from the 10/70 rev / min with a counter revolution. Double group speed reduction. Removing the blades in one komadu.Reverzibilnost movement.

Speed ​​homogenizer 800/3200 rpm with electric adjustment. Stator double shaft. Impeller with 6 blades and teeth with central and side discharge and suction. Dispersion at 3800 rev / min 0.8 microns. Removing facilitated in two parts. The installed power of 2.5 kW ..

Control panel:
The touch screen 7 “and SPS with all the features of the device.
The program for the management of all functions and registration step operation, scheduled maintenance, a USB port for data transfer and printing via PC and printer.
Maintenance management – production, sterilization / cleaning.
Electrical System C. E. standards with voltage up to 400 V +
Auxiliary circuit low voltage up to 24 volts.
Lock the switch in case of emergency and sound when opening and closing.
Also the power to request the voltage to 220 volts AC or 440 volts and three-phase 50 / 60Hz.

Vacuum pump LAB50 1.5 kW model with a suction capacity of 62 m³ / h up to 390 mbar. The check valve and three-way valve for switching between vacuum and rinse with ejector for the residual vacuum of 15 mmbar.
Pressure gauge with scale in mbar to read inside containers.
Closing quickly cover the vacuum
The connection between the cover and structure during lifting and overturning.
Deposit of recycling of the cooling water in the plastic material of 22 l.

With pressure gauge hydraulic control devices pressure relief valve and drain. Raising pistons complete with cover to protect against falls in the event of failure. A double action piston for movement of the pressure regulation.

Thermal circuit:
The circulator uniform temperature inside the blender, with electrical heaters of 9.0 kW. By inserting a heat exchanger in a wall of plates of stainless steel AISI 304 L for use stirring vessel at a pressure of 6 bar.
The possibility of using cooling with refrigerator (optional).
Set the heater in the hull, to enhance and to facilitate maintenance. Recycling water in the water layer over the exit for cleaning the outside of the boiler.

Safety and prevention of accidents:
It is possible to raise the lid of the container only at atmospheric pressure inside.
Stirring slowly feasible only when the cover in a closed position.
Tilting boiler drain products and home cleaning, apply only to cover the maximum lifting position.
Lowering the lid to the boiler only in the position of alignment.
Button emergency stop work in case of emergency.
Raising, lowering and turning over, wearing only with both hands.

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