Materials&consumer packaging

Flexible primary and secondary packaging
•Bag-in-box •Bags for shirts and blouses •Bags in laminated material •Bags in laminates for freighting •Bags in paper for freighting •Bags in plastics for freighting •Carrier bags •Cloth bags •Cook-in bags •Flexible packaging for cosmetic products •Flexible packaging for foodstuffs •Flexible packaging for liquid products •Flexible packaging for pharmaceutical products •Flexographically printed flexible packaging •Industrial bag-in-box •Packaging nets •Paper bags (large) •Paper bags (small) •Plastic bags (large) •Plastic bags (small) •Plastic bags for foodstuffs •Plastic barrier bags •Plastic multipacks •Polylaminate containers for liquids •Pre-made flexible packaging •Printed and demetalized flexible packaging •Rotogravure printed flexible packaging •Single dose bags •Stand-up bags
Semi-rigid and rigid primary and secondary packaging
•Aluminium containers (tins, cans, aerosol bodies) •Aluminium containers for foodstuffs – semirigid packaging •Bioplastic containers •Bioplastic trays •Blisters •Blown plastics containers •Cardboard cases and boxes •Cardboard containers (tins) •Cardboard multipacks •Cardboard trays •Carrier bags for boutiques •Composite containers •Disposable tableware (cutlery, glasses, plates) •Drums •Egg packaging •Flexible aluminium tubes •Flexible plastic tubes •Flexible polylaminate tubes •Fluted paper cases •Gift wrappings •Glass bottles •Glass containers for cosmetics (jars, pots) •Glass containers for foodstuffs (jars, pots) •Glass containers for pharmaceuticals (jars, pots) •Glass flacons •Heatformed plastic containers •Injection moulded plastic containers •Metal buckets •Metal trays •Multipack for cans •Paper, cardboard or plastic material tubes and cores •Paper and carton wrapping for cooking food •Plastic barrier containers (tins, tubs, jars) •Plastic bottles •Plastic buckets •Plastic cases and boxes •Plastic containers for cosmetics (tins, tubs, jars) •Plastic containers for foodstuffs (tins, tubs, jars) •Plastic containers for liquids (tins, tubs, jars) •Plastic containers for pharmaceuticals (tins, tubs, jars) •Plastic flacons •Plastic single-dose containers •Plastic trays •Polypropylene cases •Polystyrene isothermic containers •Skin-pack •Tinplate containers (tins, cans, aerosol bodies) •Trays in expanded material •Tubes for tablets
Closures and dispensers
•Caps with seal •Capsules for wines and sparkling wines •Closures for bags •Closures for bins, drums, buckets •Closures for bottles, flacons •Dispenser undercaps •Dispensers •Dispensers for fluid and semifluid products •Doser caps •Dosers, nozzles and valves •Dropper caps •Droppers •Flip-top closures •Gaskets for caps •Grinder caps •Pressure caps •Protective caps for cans •Reclosable openings for cases •Reclosable openings for flexible packaging •Safety caps •Screw caps •Separators for extemporaneous solutions •Spray dispensers •Synthetic corks for bottles •Triggers •Twist off caps •Undercaps •Valves for aerosols
•Aluminium foil •Anticorrosive film •Anticorrosive paper •Antifog film •Barrier film •Biodegradable film •Biodegradable plastic materials •Cardboard for folding cases •Cardboard for foodstuffs (biscuits, chocolates, etc.) •Cardboard for liquids •Cast coated paper and cardboard •Chromium plate •Corrugated cardboard •Crepe paper •Embossed film •Heatsealable film •High barrier film (laminated or coextruded products) •Kraft cardboard •Laminated film •Laminated paper for foodstuffs •Latten •Metallized film •Microcorrugate cardboard •Moulded fibre packaging •Neutral coextruded film •Neutral EVOH film •Neutral OPP film •Neutral OPS film •Neutral PA film •Neutral PE film •Neutral pearlescent film •Neutral PET film •Neutral PP film •Neutral PVC film •Neutral white film •Paper and cardboard for luxury packaging •Paper for corrugators •Paper for labels •Paper for laminating •Plastic bubble film •Plastic heatshrink film •Plastic materials in granule and powder form •Plastic materials in sheets for heatforming •Plastic stretch-film •Polystyrene foam •Safety paper •Solid cardboard •Solid cardboard laminated to film •Stiff cardboard •Tinplate •Wax or parafined paper
Auxiliary products
•Additives •Adhesives •Adhesives for coextrusion •Adhesives for laminating •Animal glue •Coldseal adhesives •Dyes •Inks for flexographic printing •Inks for offset printing •Inks for rotogravure printing •Masterbatches •Nucleants •Pigments •Primer •PUR gaskets •PVC compounds •Synthetic glue •Vegetable glue
Accessories and consumables
•Absorbent inserts for foodstuffs •Anticorrosive oils •Anticorrosive protection material •Cornerpieces (cardboard and/or plastic material) •Cryogenic gases •Damp indicators •Dehydration sachets •Display stands for shops •Dry ice •Filling materials •Gases for packing in protected atmospheres •Handles •Industrial technical gases for use with foodstuffs •Insides for cardboard boxes •Measuring cups •Oxygen absorbers •Polyurethane foam •Protection materials (foams) •Shock indicators •Temperature indicators •Upturning indicators •Wooden ice-cream spoons
Auxiliary products for closures
•Adhesive and gummed tapes •Cold adhesives •Gummed paper •Hot melt adhesives •Metal pins •Metal straps •Metal thread •Nails •Plastic straps •Selfadhesive tapes •Strap seals


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