Mašine, oprema i dijelovi za pakiranje

Machines for primary and secondary packaging
•Aerosol canisters filling and closing machines •Ampoules filling and closing machines •Bag packers •Bags and pouches filling and closing machines •Bags filling and closing machines •Banding machines •Blistering machines •Blow-fill-seal aseptic lines •Bottling systems •Bottling systems, aseptic •Boxes and sheaths filling and closing machines •Bundling-wrapping machines •Caging machines •Cans and pails filling and closing machines •Capping machines •Capsule filling machines – for filling and closing of gelatine capsules •Capsuling machines •Churns and drums filling and closing machines •Clipping machines •Deblistering machines •Decapsulating machines •Decartoning machines •Filling closing machines for bottles •Filling closing machines for flexible packages •Filling counting machines •Filling machines for cans •Filling machines for tubes •Filling weighing machines •Form-fill-seal machines for big bags, vertical •Form-fill-seal machines for cartons (horizontal cartoning machines) •Form-fill-seal machines for cartons (vertical cartoning machines) •Form-fill-seal machines for filter bags for tea and other brews •Form-fill-seal machines for sachets (Horizontal FFS) •Form-fill-seal machines for sachets (Vertical FFS) •Form-fill-seal machines for stand-up bags •Form-fill-seal machines for trays •Form-fill-seal machines polylaminate containers for liquids •Heatshrink machines •L- shaped packaging machines •Machines for the aseptic packaging of food products •Modified atmosphere packaging equipment •Packaging (lines or machinery) for chemical or detergent products •Packaging (lines or machinery) for cosmetic products •Packaging (lines or machinery) for pharmaceutical products •Packaging (lines or machines) for baked foods •Packaging (lines or machines) for coffee pods •Packaging (lines or machines) for confectionery •Packaging (lines or machines) for foods •Packaging (lines or machines) for fruit & vegetables •Packaging (lines or machines) for meats or fishes •Packaging (lines or machines) for pet-foods •Packaging (lines or machines) for powder or grain foods •Packaging (lines or machines) for ready meals •Packaging (lines or machines) for semi-liquid and creamy foods •Packaging (lines or machines) for tissue products •Packaging (lines or machines) for tobacco goods •Ring sealing machines •Seaming – sealing machines •Small bottles filling and closing machines •Staplers •Vacuum packing machines •Volumetric filling machines •Welding machines •Wrapping machines •Wrapping machines for multipacks in cardboard strip •Wrapping machines for reels •Wrapping machines for roll and folded fabrics •Wrapping machines for single boxes or cases in paper or filmAggraffatrici – chiuditrici
Auxiliary equipment
•Aligners •Applicators for glue on labels •Applicators for hot melt •Applicators for tear-tape •Bottle neck freezers •Bottling accessories •Brushing machines •Capping machines for screwcaps •Check weighers •Counting machines •Devices for controlling protective atmosphere •Electrostatic charging and discharging systems •Extruders for hot melt and thermoplastic polymers •Feeders •Guns for heatshrink film •Hot geared dosers •In-line control systems •Machines for applying handles •Machines for applying protective caps •Machines for controlling BFS and plastic bottles •Metal detectors •Optical selectors •Orienting machines for bottles or small bottles •Packages sterilizers and rinsers •Packages washing-drying-sterilizing machines •Packing tables •Pick & Place – manipulators, robots for small packs, products •Positioning and counting devices •Scales •Scales for pricing •Strap tensioning devices •Systems for accumulation and connection between packaging machines •Turbo-emulsionators •Unscramblers for bottles •Vibrators •Volumetric dosers for liquid or doughy products •Volumetric dosers for products in powder or granule form •Washing machines for packages •Workbenches •X-ray selectors
Recovery and disposal: plants and equipment
•Presses and bailers for paper or cardboard •Presses and bailers for plastic packages •Presses and bailers for tinplate packages •Presses and bailers for wooden packages •Recycling (machinery) for paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, etc. •Systems for incinerating solids and liquids •Systems for recovering and exploiting packaging •Systems for size reduction (grinders, shredders, granulators) •Systems for thermal regeneration •Water treating systems
Electric and electronic systems and components
•Adhesive and non adhesive industrial fabrics, for thermal or electrical insulation •Antistatic prevention systems •Automatic systems for format change •Brushless and DC servomotors •Cameras •Control panel instruments •Counting equipment (impulse counters, temporizers, totalizers, preselectors, counters) •Digital drives •Digital servocontrols •Electric motors •Electrical heaters •Electrical panels •Encoders •Industrial PC •Inverters •Loadbearing measures •Movement control systems •Operator terminals •Photo cells •Photoelectric safety barriers •PLC •Portable radiofrequency terminals •Proximity, inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic sensors •Readers (color, mark, luminescence) •Relays •Safety sensors •Switches and microswitches •Switching power supplies •Systems for axial control •Systems for electrifying for mobile usage (electric slip-rings, brush holder, rotating assemblies, etc.) •Temperature regulators •Temperature sensors •Transducers •Visual inspection •X-ray inspection and detection systems
Mechanical systems and components
•Accident prevention systems – panels, profiles and accessories •Aluminium – semifinished products •Base machines •Bearings •Brakes and clutches •Bushings •Cable winders •Cables •Cammes •Chain guides •Chains •Channels •Coating materials for mechanical components •Connectors •Couplings •Driving belts •Gears •Indexing and positioning elements for machinery •Industrial handles and grips •Industrial knifes and blades •Joints •Linear guides •Lubricants, oils and greases •Mechanical components •Mechanical safety devices •Oil seals •Operating, clamping and control elements •Parallel or square axes intermitting devices •Plastics in semiprocessed goods, in sheets, in bars, in tubes •Rod ends and spherical plain bearings •Rollers •Rotary index tables •Self-aligning bearing units •Speed reducers •Speed variators •Stainless steel housings •Technical components (levelling elements, hinges, latches) •Transmission devices •Variable gears
Pneumatic and hydraulic systems and components
•Blower-compressors at low pressure •Components and accessories for vacuum technology •Compressors •Electrovalves •Pneumatic components •Pumps •Vacuum pumps •Valves   


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