Small tube filling and closing machine

Punjenje i krimpanje Al tuba NTubeAl-3

Machines used for filling of aluminum or plastic tubes with gels, creams or other fluids, closing them  (crimping or sealing) and stamping date. 
The machine works in automatic mode – all activities except for feeding of tubes are done automatically.
Manual tube feeding by worker.

• Mitsubishi PLC controller 
• Servomechanism drive 
• Sensor of fluid, allowing for automatic refilling of fluid to reservoir 
• Date stamping device
• Volume of reservoir: 25 liters

Dosing volume (cylinder volume of filling device)
a. 5 – 20 ml
b. 8 – 30 ml
c. 15 – 60 ml
d. 28 – 110 ml
e. 40 – 160 ml
f. 53 – 210 ml
g. 65 – 260 ml



Model NTA-3  semiautomatic for ALUMINIUM TUBES
OUTPUT:  900 – 1500 tubes/h (depends on tube volume)
Tube diameter options: ø16 mm, ø19 mm, ø25 mm, ø30 mmk, ø35 mm, ø40 mm, ø50 mm
Tube height: 50 – 250 mm

Model TUB-3 semiautomatic for PLASTIC TUBES
Model TUB-3A automatic for PLASTIC TUBES
Can be optionally equipped with euro- -slot punch. 
OUTPUT: 1000-1800 tubes/h (depends on tube volume and tube sealing time)

 The machine will be manufactured in accordance with the EC directives and is marked with a CE mark.

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 155 cm (NTA-3/TUB-3), 100 x 100 x 185 cm (TUB-3A)
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
Installed capacity: 1,5 kW (NTA-3) , 3,6KW TUB-3/TUB3A
Air: 0,63 MPa, up to 500 l / min


Operation NTA-3 TUB-3 TUB-3A
Feeding of tubes manual manual automatic
Positioning of tubes automatic automatic automatic
Filling of tubes with fluid automatic automatic automatic
Closing of tubes automatic automatic automatic
Stamping date automatic automatic automatic
Control of fluid level in reservoir automatic automatic automatic
Throwing out of end-product automatic automatic automatic
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