Processing machinery

Food processing machinery and equipment
•Aerated and mineral waters processing lines and machinery •Agricultural products dryers •Almond, peanut, hazel nut paste, etc. refiners •Almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, etc. shell-breakers or separators •Automation lines for powders (food process) •Bagging stations •Bakery products cooling tunnels •Bakery products lines and machinery •Bakery products roller mills •Baking trays and pans •Beverage industry sterilizers •Biscuits forming machines •Biscuits, chocolates and bakery products coating plants •Biscuits, chocolates and wafers cooling tunnels •Biscuits, crackers, etc. production machinery •Biscuits, rusks, etc. ovens •Bone-saws •Bread cooling tunnels •Bread industry mixers and kneading machines •Bread roll cutters •Breakfast cereals coating plants •Breakfast cereals production machinery •Bubble-gum and chewing-gum extruders •Bubble-gum and chewing-gum production machinery •Butter and margarine production machinery •Cakes, wafers, etc. cutting and slicing machines •Candies production machinery •Cannelloni production machinery •Centrifuges •Cereals conditioners •Cereals roller mills •Cereals silos •Chewing-gum roller mills •Chocolate articles production machinery •Chocolate eggs cooling tunnels •Chocolate moulds •Chocolate products forming and wrapping machines •Chocolate refiners •Coating machines for feeds •Cocoa mills •Cocoa presses •Cocoa refiners •Cocoa, coffee, almonds, hazel nuts, etc. roasting machines •Coextruders for foodstuffs •Coffee mills •Coffee silos •Confectionery and bread production lines •Confectionery industry injecting machines •Confectionery industry mixers and kneading machines •Conical rounders •Cooker-mixers •Cookers for lasagne and cannelloni •Crêpes production machinery •Croissants forming machines •Cryogenic tunnels and cabinets for the food industry •Cutters, meat •Dairy industry mixers and kneading machines •Deboners •Decorating machines for baked foods •Defrosters •Degerminators for grains •Dies for feeds (pelletizers) •Dies for pasta •Dies washing machines •Discharging devices for silos •Dried and dehydrated vegetable substances mills •Dry cleaners for cereals •Dry fruits production machinery •Dry pasta production machinery •Dryer-coolers •Dryers for cheese factories •Evaporators •Extruder-cookers •Extruder-formers •Feeds (pelletizers) presses •Feeds and foodstuffs granulating machines •Feeds roller mills •Fermenters •Flour mills •Flours sieving and screening machines •Fluting and grinding machines for milling rolls •Folding machines •Fondant beaters •Food grinding, mixing, homogenizing machines •Food industry analysis (instruments) •Food industry autoclaves •Food industry controlling instruments •Food industry flexible mechanical conveyors •Food industry pasteurization plants •Food industry sterilizers •Food industry vacuum and pressure conveying systems •Food products dryers •Foods pulverization mills •Foodstuffs and feeds homogenizers •Foodstuffs deep-freezing tunnels •Fresh pasta production machinery •Fried potatoes production machinery •Fruit and vegetables washing machines •Fryers •Gnocchi production machinery •Gnocchi, ravioli and tortellini cooling tunnels •Grain washers •Grissini, breadsticks production machinery •Hamburger forming machines •Hulling machines for grains •Humidifying and drying systems for the food industry •Ice-cream cones and wafers forming machines •Ice-cream production machinery •Industrial pastry mixers and kneading machines •Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, etc. production machinery •Kettles •Leavened dough extruders •Lines or machines for cocoa and/or chocolate processing •Lines or machines for fruits and vegetables processing •Lines or machines for grains processing •Lines or machines for legumes processing •Lines or machines for nuts, dried fruits, etc. processing •Lines or machines for oilseeds processing •Lines or machines for petfood •Lines or machines for processing feedstuff •Lines or machines for processing flour •Lines or machines for processing rice •Liquorice cutting and slicing machines •Liquorice production machinery •Long leaf bread forming machines •Long pasta silos •Machines for producing low freeze ice •Massaging machines for meat and sausages •Meals silos •Meat grinders •Meat sauces production machinery •Meats and fish processing lines and machinery •Melangeur (mixer) •Milk and cheese production lines •Mixer-emulsifiers •Mogul plants •Moulding and demoulding (plants) •Moulds washing machines •Natural yeast, mother dough production machinery •Non-stick coatings for baking trays •Nougat roller mills •Nougat, hardbake, etc. cutting and slicing machines •Nougat, hardbake, etc. production machinery •Nuts, dried fruits, etc. ovens •Oiling machines for gums, jellies and liquorice •Oils and fats production lines •Pasta (pasta cutters) cutting and slicing machines •Pasta dividing machines •Pasta dryers •Pasta manufacturing industry mixers and kneading machines •Pasta moulds •Pasta production lines •Pasta roller mills •Pastry articles production machinery •Pastry dough production machinery •Pastry dough roller mills •Pastry ovens •Peanuts, almonds, hazel nuts, etc. peelers •Pellets (feeds) sieving and screening machines •Piping machines •Pizza production machinery •Plants for the concentration of food liquids •Positioning machines for granulated materials (nuts, almonds, puffed rice, etc.) on baked and confectionery products •Powdered baby foods production machinery •Precooked flours production (machinery) •Precooked pasta production machinery •Production and cooking filling and stuffing for fresh pasta •Ravioli, tortellini, etc. production machinery •Rice sieving and screening machines •Rope sizers •Rotary conches •Rusks, rectangular loaves of bread, etc. moulds •Salts, additives and food dyes mills •Sausages dryers •Sealing machines for sausage, salami •Seed cleaning plant machinery •Semolina purifiers •Sheeting machines for pasta •Short pasta silos •Slicers for bread •Slicers for meat, cheese and sausases/salami •Snack cereals presses •Snacks coating plants •Snacks production machinery •Soup cubes forming and wrapping machines •Spreaders for pasta •Storage, metering and blending flours (plants) •Stripping machines for long pasta •Sugar mills •Systems for automation and control of the production process •Tanks for storing products •Tempering machines for chocolate •Tunnels for sprinkling with sugar •Vegetable preserves production lines •Volumetric and gravimetric filling machines food-preserving industry •Wafers production machinery •Washing machines pastry making equipment •Water conditioning plants (filtering, softening, demineralizing) •Weighing plants for cereals and flours •Wines, beverages or coffee production lines
Raw materials, ingredients and additives for food industry
•Additives •Adjuvants •Alcohol based products •Colourings •Essences •Extracts •Flavourings •Flours •Foodstuff fats •Improvers •Malt •Oils •Stabilisers •Sugars •Yeast •Yeasts
Pharmachem products processing machinery and equipment
•Agitators •Autoclaves for pharmachem industry •Autoclaves for sterilization •Automation lines for powders (chemical or pharmaceutical process) •Centrifuges •Chemical products refiners •Clean steam generators •Compacters for cosmetic powders – laboratory use •Compacters for cosmetic powders – production use •Compactors •Cosmetic pastes cooling tunnels •Cosmetics and pharmachem industry analysis instruments •Cosmetics and pharmachem industry controlling instruments •Counting machines for tablets and pills, etc. •Depyrogenizing ovens •Dissolvers •Distilled water plant and machinery •Distillers •Dryers for pharmaceutical products •Dust removing devices for tablets •Dust suppression (systems) •Face powder presses •Filtration (systems) •Granulating machines for pharmachem and cosmetic products •Inerting (machinery) for the pharmaceutical industry •Isolators for laboratories and pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic industries •Kettles for coating pharmaceutical products •Lyophilizers •Medicinal chewing gum production machinery •Melters for pharma and cosmetic industries •Mixers and kneading machines for pharma-chem industries •Mixers, melters, fillers for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries •Perfusionale bags making machines •Pharmaceutical industry conditioners •Pharmaceutical products processing (lines and machinery) •Pharmachem industries flexible mechanical conveyors •Pharmachem industries vacuum and pressure conveying systems •Pharmachem or cosmetic products homogenizers •Pharmachem products pulverization mills •Press machines •Printing of information leaflets for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products •Process fluid production plants •Professional apparel •Reactors •Scales for pharmachem or cosmetic industries •Sieving and screening machines for pharmachem products •Sterile work-benches and booths •Sterilizers for pharmaceutical industry •Suppositories filling machines •Tablet making machinery accessories •Tablets and pills moulds •Tablets, pills, dragées, etc. production machinery •Turboemulsifiers •Washing machines for tablet making machinery accessories
Complementary accessories for processing
•Accessories for flour and feed mill machinery •Air (control systems) •Air filters •Atomizers •Blade sharpeners •Dehumidifiers •Environmental hygiene systems •Environmental safety systems •Exchangers •Industrial brushes •Industrial cleaning equipment •Liquid filters •Liquids and pastes level indicators •Membranes •Metering pumps •Powders and granules level indicators •Process automation and control systems •Pumps for liquids and semi-liquids •Sorting machines by colour •Sorting machines by size •Sorting machines by specific weight •Suction plants •Temperature indicators •Vibro-sifters and separators •Volume meters
Electric and electronic systems and components
•Adhesive and non adhesive industrial fabrics, for thermal or electrical insulation •Antistatic prevention systems •Automatic systems for format change •Brushless and DC servomotors •Cameras •Control panel instruments •Counting equipment (impulse counters, temporizers, totalizers, preselectors, counters) •Digital drives •Digital servocontrols •Electric motors •Electrical heaters •Electrical panels •Encoders •Industrial PC •Inverters •Loadbearing measures •Movement control systems •Operator terminals •Photo cells •Photoelectric safety barriers •PLC •Portable radiofrequency terminals •Proximity, inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic sensors •Readers (color, mark, luminescence) •Relays •Safety sensors •Switches and microswitches •Switching power supplies •Systems for axial control •Systems for electrifying for mobile usage (electric slip-rings, brush holder, rotating assemblies, etc.) •Temperature regulators •Temperature sensors •Transducers •Visual inspection •X-ray inspection and detection systems
Mechanical systems and components
•Accident prevention systems – panels, profiles and accessories •Aluminium – semifinished products •Base machines •Bearings •Brakes and clutches •Bushings •Cable winders •Cables •Cammes •Chain guides •Chains •Channels •Coating materials for mechanical components •Connectors •Couplings •Driving belts •Gears •Indexing and positioning elements for machinery •Industrial handles and grips •Industrial knifes and blades •Joints •Linear guides •Lubricants, oils and greases •Mechanical components •Mechanical safety devices •Oil seals •Operating, clamping and control elements •Parallel or square axes intermitting devices •Plastics in semiprocessed goods, in sheets, in bars, in tubes •Rod ends and spherical plain bearings •Rollers •Rotary index tables •Self-aligning bearing units •Speed reducers •Speed variators •Stainless steel housings •Technical components (levelling elements, hinges, latches) •Transmission devices •Variable gears Pneumatic and hydraulic systems and components
•Blower-compressors at low pressure •Components and accessories for vacuum technology •Compressors •Electrovalves •Pneumatic components •Pumps •Vacuum pumps •Valves

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