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Automatska linija za punjenje tekućina X10

Automatic machine Monobloc X7, machine for filling plastic and glass bottles and jars, and closing with plastic or aluminum cap, special caps with pump or dropper.
Capacity X7 800/1000 pieces / hour 1 head
Capacity X8 1000/1400 pieces / hour 2 heads
(Tested with a water volume of 30 ml)
The machine comes with instructions of use and maintenance and has CE certification
Required voltage: 230V Power: 2 kW
Requires filtered air without moisture 6 bar 30 liters min. (Compressor not included)
Monobloc comprises:
a) rotary table and input part for manually setting the bottle and the automatic switch inside the stars, which is turning on and positioning bottles in their place for filling and closing.
b) Pneumatic filler is selected from
0-50ml, 1-100ml or 0-250ml
A photocell detects the bottle and gives the signal for filling or if there is no bottle skips filling. Possibility to add a second filling head as an option.
c) Channel guide to manually insert taps where a worker can fill guide with 30-50 caps or pumps or droppers (Option is automatically orjentator plugs)
d) Automatic placing caps on bottles
e) The shutter caps screwing screwed the cap after it was automatically set the machine to bottle the previous operation. (Option by pressing the top down for other types)
f) Part of labeling, (optional in agreement with the buyer)
g) The output rotary part where they collect filled bottles. One worker without moving can put empty and take full bottles, and put plugs in the channel.
h) The star is made for round bottles and rotate for the position of the bottle for filling, placing the cap,
i) The base and the supporting frame of the machine of stainless steel 304 in which are housed a mechanical and / or pneumatic systems for operating the machine. Safety systems and polycarbonate transparent protection ensure safe operation and a visual overview of the whole machine. The machine is made in accordance with the provisions of the CE.

X8 stol za punjenje i zatvaranje i etiketiranje

Look at movie for X7 (filling & capping)

Look at movie for X8 (filling & capping & labeling)

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