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Semiautomatic volumetric dosers represent the perfect solution to dose liquids, creamy and dense products even if with pieces, in a very precise and quick way. Completely built in stainless steel, they are useful both for small set of samples and for medium or high-sized productions. Thanks to their compact structure and weight, the minimal space is needed for them. Easy installation and simple use are important aspects of these machines. Moreover, tri-clamp connections allow a simple cleaning or maintenance operations, without any too/s. Several possibilities to customize the machine according working necessities

FOOD INDUSTRY – preserves, jams, sauces, creams, cheeses, mayonnaise, honey, oils, vinegar, liquors, juices, extracts

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS – cleaning agents, disinfectants, creams, enamels, paints, solvents,

COSMETICS – oils, essences, natural creams, shampoo, bath- foam, nail polish, lip glosses, mascara

NOZZLES- Nozzles with different dimensions, anti-drop, anti-foam and multi-hole

N°1 Table top basemnet

Desk basement for the doser, completely made in stainless steel AISI 304.

Kit for pressure regulation and filtration of the compressed air.

Start of dosage with pedal impulse from the operator. The end of the dosage and the return of the doser starts automatically with the sensor inserted in the air chamber.

Pneumatic components inserted in the desk basement.

Recipient dimensions: internal diameter min is 15mm, diameter max is 120mm. Height min 10mm, height maximum 210mm. Other dimensions on demand.

Button to operate the dosage repeater. The doser continues to effect dosages until the button is switched off.

N°1 Volumetric doser

Description: Volumetric doser built entirely in stainless steel. Adjustable dosing range by the handwheel situated in the back of the doser. Gaskets and seals suitable for the contact with the treated product. Tri-clamp joints for an easy assembling and disassembling for cleaning and maintenance.

Cylinder bore Ø 52mm, stroke 125mm , with 2″ tri-clamp connection.

N°1 Conical rotary valve

Description: three-way conical rotary valve built completely in stainless steel for dense products even with pieces.

Conical shutter is made in PET-TX, an anti-friction, FDA approved plastic, suitable for temperature up to 60°C.

Pneumatic actuator for the motion of the shutter in accordance with the work cycle of the doser

Tri-clamp joint for an easy assembling and disassembling for cleaning and maintenance

No tools are required to connect the valve to the doser. Product passage 10×20.

N°1 Antidrop valve

Description: two-way on off valve with antidrop system. The valve is built in stainless steel with gaskets suitable for food or chemical products, up to 80°C. The valve is built in stainless steel for an easy cleaning or maintenance. 1″1/2 tri-clamp connection to the doser, product output 1″ gas. Antidrop device with nozzle, that can be easily mounted and dismounted. Interchangeability with other antidrop systems. Antidrop dimensions according container dimensions.

N°1 Conical hopper 15lt

Description: conical 15lt hoppers in stainless steel AISI 304 polished in the inner part. Tri Clamp connection 2″

N°1 Aspiration pipe lenght 1,5m

Description: transparent pipe to connect the doser to the tank. The pipe is equipped with clamp connection for an easy and quick assembly and disassembly. Use the aspiration pipe with liquid products and place the tank near the machine, higher is better.

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