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Products: semi-dense creams, ketchup, mayonnaise, liquids.
DOYPACK flexible bags with center and / or side tap, to be defined when ordering.
PRODUCTION: maximum up to 450 pieces / hour with a volume of 250 ml, depending of the speed of the operator.
Semi-automatic pneumatically operated machine suitable for filling and sealing flexible doypack bags (with integrated spout) with liquid and / or semi-dense products by means of a volumetric metering pump. There is also a capping machine with a plastic screw plug. All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.
This volumetric dosage unit can also fill viscous particulate or soft fiber products, product in suspension, and is also suitable for hot filling (100 ° C).
The base, bars and other mounts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel Doypack neck support fork, made of stainless steel and is bag-specific. The bag is inserted into the fork by hand, as is the plug after filling.

Filling unit components:
– volumetric doser for doses of 20-700 ml,
– three-stage rotary pneumatic valve dn25
– pneumatic two way anti drop valve
– anti-drop nozzle of choice depending on the diameter of the plug
– special tubes for food products to be filled directly from the tank or hopper

Closing unit components:
– pneumatic motor and fixed stainless steel fork according to plug size
– Close the plug with a plastic screw
– Manual height adjustment according to operator needs

Air consumption, this is 250 Nl / min. Conditions: compressed air required 2 ÷ 6 bar.


The operator manually places a flexible bag inside the stainless steel forks. The dosage of the product is filled through a volumetric dispenser, which is determined initially by a stainless steel hand wheel located below the workstation.

The suction rate and the dosage rate of the product can also be adjusted, according to the specific needs of the user and the product being dosed. By manually moving the lever, the filling valve moves to the working position and is inserted into the plastic part on the bag. The operator starts the bag filling cycle by simply pressing the black button located on the side of the base.

At the end of the filling cycle, the machine can inject nitrogen into the bag to increase the shelf life of the product and also protect its organoleptic characteristics. The nitrogen injection time and nitrogen flow can also be adjusted using a pressure regulator and delay time. (OPTION)

Thereafter, he manually places the plug on the spout and places the closing head in the closing position. By lowering the lever again and simultaneously pressing the black side start button, the lid is rotated and secured to the neck of the bag. The force moment is also adjustable.

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