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Fillers with gear pump

Compact electronic desktop machine with a special type of gear or lobe pump. Filling capacity up to 1 kg suitable for dosing different types of products such as honey, sauces, jams, dairy products.
-dosing speed: 360 jars 500 gr per hour
-precision: +/- 3 gr
– dosage: 5gr to 9999 gr
– pump capacity up to 350 kg of product / hour (data related to honey-like viscosity product)
-Motor power -100W / 230V
-dimensions 250x350x500 mm, weight 14 kg

Fillers with gear pump and rotary table

The diameter of the rotating table with an electric motor that rotates the table and allows automatic filling of the jars on it is 100 cm
Easy to move with the wheels with the brake
For table motor voltage 230V,  power 0.115KW.
A filler with a pump described above is installed on the rotating table.
Empty jars are placed on a rotating table, which are automatically transferred to the filler as the table rotates. After the sensor detects the jar, the table stops and the filler starts filling the jar below it. When the jar is full, the table rotates again until the next jar comes under the sensor. The full glass goes to the part of the table where the full jars are collected. Worker from time to time takes the full jars and continues to work with putting the lid on and put a new quantity of empty jars on the table. The filling machine can be adjusted for various sizes of jars.

Fillers with volumetric doser and rotary table

The automatic charger is available in two models
100-600ml (with 10 ml hopper) and 150-1000ml (with 50 ml hopper)
The diameter of the rotary table is Ø 100cm, rotation speed 1.5 rpm
Power supply 230 volts, 0.18KW, Dimensions: 120x100x115cm, weight about 125 kg
Built-in valve against dripping and leakage of honey after dosing.
Easy and fast to adjust the amount, and to maintain and clean the machine. It takes 5 minutes to disassemble, wash and reassemble the filler.
The filling capacity is about 500 jars per hour at a honey temperature of 35oC degrees.
Stainless steel table construction material, mounted on wheels with brakes.
Required to operate a 100 liter compressor. (not included in the machine)

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