WE DRESSES YOUR PRODUCTS. Borton is specialized in manufacturing labels in roll. In our production program we have represented a wide range of diverse labels for all purposes of different materials. We manufacture self-adhesive labels for thermal printers, electronic scales with and without logos, various import-export declarations, labels with bar code, for the meat, food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, etc.. Labels can be different sizes,or and made on ​​the request of our customers. Benefits of our printing are:
– No investment in equipment
– No maintenance costs for printer
– No consumption costs for toner, paper…
– Consultation about design and prepare your labels
– Your labels look professional

In order to continuous growth and improvement of the business, we strive to continually expand our capacity and improve with new technologies. We have the ability to print up to 6 colors (6 +0, 3 +3, 4 +2) with a top flexographic printing, which contributes to the quality presentation of the products which we can efficiently respond to all customer requirements. In addition to self-adhesive labels we also distribute a label printer and all their supplies (ribbons). We particularly wish to emphasize the possibility pre-printing. You get ready one label for all Your products, prepared with the design and the logo.  You can in your factotory on Your printer reprint all changeable data. Product Name, date of packaging, date of manufacture, composition of the product, barcode, weight, etc.. This is possible for different products in various manufacturing and industrial sectors. In this way, a label encompasses several related products, with an amount of up to several thousand. Thereby reducing costs and labeling of your product. We use the highest quality pre-print paper, which gives the maximum print quality.

In addition, we supply our customers with applicators for manually or automatically (within the production line) labeling adhesive labels on products. Simply on this way the higher productivity is achieved in the packaging of goods. There is ability to use different sizes of labels.

Borton d.o.o.
Cara Lazara 33, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosna i Hercegovina
tel: +387 51/432-655, 
fax:+387 51/432-651

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