Chianchia logo Chianchia is a company from Italy and Pletikosa represents it in Croatia, Bosnia and herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Monte Negro.Chianchia offers solution regarding collection, cleaning, shelling, drying, transport, storage, processing hazelnuts, chestnuts and other fruits forest in shell.  Availing of decades of experience in the field in shell Chianchia the company is able to realize installations of high quality and reliability.  Chianchia was founded in 1995. To meet the market demand cresecente agricultural equipment to treat the collection of hazelnut production has diversified to build advanced machinery in the industry. Chianchia also carry out repair work on agricultural machinery in general and feasibility studies and designs to meet specific customer needs. All machines are designed and manufactured according to standard procedures and are then tested directly on the field before the stages of production and marketing. The production meets all the requirements of the EC with regard to how we use and safety. Particular attention is paid to the aspects of technical support after the sale. They are in fact guaranteed immediate intervention by trained technicians. Also at the venue this is a well-stocked spare parts warehouse for assistance in case of malfunctions.

Chianchia is located in Piedmont, one of the two hazelnut producing regions in Italia. The rapid growth is thanks to being Ferrero’s largest supplier, who builds plantations and plants all over the world.

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Every year, at the end of May, a Hazelnut congress is held in Cherasco, the company’s headquarters. Every year, Chianchia organizes a presentation of its equipment through the Porte Aperte (Open Door) event.

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