InfoTrend the magazine for managers of information technology, purchasing, sales and marketing, IT professionals, business community, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees in state and public institutions, policy makers and all those who follow technological developments in the sector of information technology and automation.

In addition to paper magazines Infotrend has its own portal  where are published all printed articles also.


□ The rhythm of publication: bimonthly, 6 issues per year
□ Copies Printed: 6000-12000 pieces
□ Reach Abroad: 1,600 pieces
□ Sales structure: 100% subscription

Infotrend magazine will also get each participant of different bussines regional meetings and congress the largest gathering of business people like MIPRO, Infoarena, CASE, Microsoft WinDays, Q.E.D. , Gisdata, SmartCard, Privacy ,IBM FORUM, Business inteligence, HrOUG, Cloud Computing, CARNet,KOM, Telecom Arena, ITI, IDC IT, New Banking Vision, CISCO EXPO, SALES VISION ROAD SHOW BEOGRAD,HP  and more others. 


Journal Infotrend distributed in both Croatian and foreign markets and in the following countries:

□ Croatia,
□ Bosnia and Herzegovina
□ Slovenia
□ Serbia
□ Montenegro
□ United States,
□ Germany.


 IT managers, sales, purchasing and marketing

 entrepreneurs and managers

 employees in state and public institutions

 Those who follow the technological development

 Other

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