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Oilpress is a German producer, located in the south of Germany on the border with Austria. Many years of experience and a philosophy of production focused on quality have placed it among the world’s best manufacturers of cold presses, and related equipment that completes the entire process. Their machines can work in three shifts without stopping if they are provided with a constant supply of seed. Even without the presence of workers, who just stop by from time to time to add seeds to the containers or change the jumbo bag.


1. Edible oil is used to lubricate the gearbox, the price of which is around 10 € / lit, unlike others that use mineral oil for gearboxes of 150 € / lit.

2. If there is a leak of oil from the gearbox into the oil that is produced, there will be no damage because it is edible and there will be no difference in the analyzes. That way you won’t have to throw away a large amount of processed oil.

3. The price of the machine is determined by the quality of the steel and its service life. It is usually possible to process 100 tons of raw material in the competition, while with these machines it is 120 tons and in the Special version 186 tons of even the hardest seeds.

Product range oil press, filtration, dehulling, milling, soybean toaster, pellet press

Oil press
We provide you with the know-how and technology of the entire production chain in oilseed processing – cold pressing process.
Hard seeds as well as oleaginous seeds and nuts, peeled and unpeeled seeds can be pressed with our machines.
We attach great importance to making our machines flexible and universally applicable. Therefore, we offer a machine adaptation for every oilseed.
The press cake produced during the oil pressing is premilled and comminuted with the flaker. The flocced cake can further be processed into flour or protein.

Before pressing to oil some seeds and seeds are crushed in advance. This facilitates further processing.

 rosehip seeds before flaking           flaked rosehip seeds

Fine grinding – pin mill
With the pin mill, the press cake is further processed into flour.

Protein recovery – concentrator
Proteins perform many different functions in the human body and are important for organ functions.

End products after further processing of hemp press cake with concentrator: hemp protein and hemp husk

    hemp protein hemp husk

Automatic lines

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