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Semi-automatic washing machine for bottles and jars for internal and external cleaning with rotary brushes. Designed for cleaning bottles of wine, juices, milk, beer, etc.
The common plastic brush for the food industry acts on the surface using tap water. It is not necessary to use detergents, but it is possible that they are harmless to the food industry. Max. the water temperature is 60oC.
The bottle is inserted into a separate compartment and thrown out, over the pedal, when the washing is over.
There is a option to wash one or two bottles at the same time. There is a model just for washing in the interior even jars. It is possible to purchase different lengths of washing brushes.

Number of bottles and purpose two bottles in and out two bottles in and out one bottle/jar outside only


41x41x80 cm 

25 kg

28x28x80 cm

12 kg


5 kg

Dimension of packakging 53x530x90cm 40x40x90cm 30x30x55cm
Voltage and power 220V/24V-120W 220V/24V-60W 220V/24V-60W
Capacity 600 boca / sat 300 boca / sat 300 boca / sat
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