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  • MILL-25  10-25 kg/batch
  • MILL-50  50-60 kg/batch
  • MILL-100  100-120 kg/batch

model MILL-25
Ball refinery model MILL-25 for the production of pastes and spreads from nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, etc.) and anhydrous spreads.
The production capacity of the refinery of the MILL-25 model varies from 10-25 kg per batch, which is the smallest model we produce.
Spread grain sizes are 20-25 microns.
The machines are made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel: tank, balls, mixer arm, recirculation pump and associated pipes, frame and protective guards.
Note: This feature makes it suitable for washing even with hot water for deeper and more effective sanitation than ordinary cleaning with sunflower oil.
Main features
• Closed-circuit cooling / heating unit (no drinking water connection required) to control and maintain the correct operating temperature of the machines (operating range 20 to 80 ° C)
• volumetric recirculation pump / discharge pump equipped with inverter to adjust the flow rate *
• electronic mixer speed control by inverter
• magnetic filter to remove all metal impurities from the product
• 5 ”touch screen HMI control panel with all commands for machine operation
• electrical panel and machine panel made of electrical materials Schneider Electric (electromechanical), Omron (inverter) and Pixsys (PLC and HMI)
Power Mill-25: 5 KW 400V three-phase
Power Mill-50: 8 KW 400V three-phase
Power Mill-100: 13 KW 400V three-phase

Note: As an alternative to a standard volumetric pump, different types of pumps are available as an option for product recirculation / discharge.
The installation of these pumps can be agreed with the customer if it is necessary to work with certain types of products such as protein creams or creams with low fat content (less than 30-35%) or chocolate.
A heating system for the pump and recirculation / drain pipes is also available on request.

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