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The three-stage sieve separates and siftes through three granulation by vibrations. the mesh size  can be chosen depending on the purpose, the product and its size. It can work independently or as part of a whole line. In the movie the sieve is connected to the output of the pellet machine.

For the food industry it is possible to make in stainless steel version.
It can also be equipped with a large hopper 1m3 volume and a funnel size 110cm x 90cm x 100cm, which has  0.5KW electric motor with a reductor and a horizontal endless screw of 150 mm diameter. 

The loading height of the hopper is 160cm and the output height is 90cm. It has ruotes and it is easy to move it. As an option, there is also a smaller hopper for floor loading that can be fixed or with wheels. For transport on a height, a pipe is used in which is the endless screw. It is powered by an electric motor.

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