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Standard machines with universal tractor catdan joint drive and electric motor

Almond husking machine  is designed to clean almonds from leafy envelopes. Depending on whether it is cleaned in a field where there is no electricity or in storage, versions with a single-phase electric motor or a tractor PTO are possible.
These machines usually require the presence of two operators. One constantly filling the tank with almonds that still need to be cleaned and the other operator removing the leftover shell from the machine exit as well as emptying the full tank of pure almonds.


 Model weight (kg) dimension (cm) tractor power capacity
ECO 110 180x80x130 14 KS 700-800  cardan
ECO PLUS 130 200x85x130 25 KS 1000 cardan
VOLTAGE 120 120x80x120 220 V 500 electromotor

High capacity automatic machines

The machines have a very large hopper 3×2 meters into which it is possible to make loading by excavator or loader.
It is the world’s first combined machine with characteristics that make it unique in the market and cannot be compared to any other on the market. Practically it is one machine that changes four at a time. It has a patented processing system that allows for quick and clean rooting and removal of the almond sheath, while significantly reducing the breakage of the almonds themselves.
It is practically a double-cage cylinder, not two traditional machines structurally coupled to expensive mechanical gearboxes, but one simple machine with one hitch, one transmission shaft and one output nozzle that needs man-side  control.
In practice, the machine consists of a large-sized external cage that is twice the size of the market for insects and a second rotating internal cage that also acts as a punch.
The goal is to significantly increase the active surface of the outer lattice without affecting the rotating mass in the narrowest part. In this way, the machine no longer takes on a cylindrical but tubular shape near the opening.
The waste that rotates inside this combi tank, in the belt between the two screens, easily finds its way out, increasing machine productivity.
The main characteristics of the machine are the size of the outer cage, which, due to its large surface area, allows large shell spills and an internal rotating cage with various threshers.
These characteristics make it possible to increase the almond cleaning yield by up to 6000 kg / hour, which no other machine can achieve. This combination machine is intended for those who have significant almond production or subcontractors, which saves run time and reduces cleaning costs.

Unloading is also possible automatically by means of an elevator which, when cleaned, is automatically loaded into the trailer by the cleaned almond, either in the orchard or the farm depot.



Model weight (kg) dimension(cm) power of tractor Capacity
Queen 3P   500 250x200x200 60 KS 2500-6000 kg/h
Queen CR 600 350x200x200 60 KS 2500-6000 kg/h
Queen Plus 830 420x200x200 60 KS 2500-6000 kg/h 


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