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General features
The Conical Rotor Cracker (CRC) is especially made to crack an important amount of walnuts / hazelnuts / almonds, previously washed, dried, sized or not.
The CRC is practical and efficient to use, and it requires no supervision. Its robust design requires very little maintenance.
The cracking time is reduced thanks to the cracking system while guaranteeing the system robustness and a continuous cracking process.
The cracking adjustment (depending on the fruit to crack) is dynamic, that is to say that we adjust the two cones using a crank handle while the machine is running.
CRC is equipped with an anti-stones and discharge system not to damage the machine if stones get in.
The CRC is also equipped with a tri-phased electronic speed variator that allows to reduce the rotation speed if needed.

Technical features CRC
A motorized conical rotor system in rotation inside a fix cone. The distance between the two cones is adjustable with a crank handle.
Products: Walnuts / Hazelnuts / Almonds / Peanuts / Pistachio
Output: 350kg/h : Walnuts (-28mm or sorting gap)
                200kg/h : Hazelnuts (under optimization)
                200kg/h : Almonds (under optimization)
Motorisation: 2,2 kW
Transmission: Direct on the motor shaft
Châssis: Tubular mechanically welded
Caractéristiques techniques
Rotation speed of the interior cone adjustable by electronic variator
Distance between cones adjustable by crank handle
Discharging system by pneumatic jacks
Sicurity: Conforms to CE (European Certification) standards
Dimensions: Length : 1,10 m, Width : 0,90 m, Height : 2,2m
Weight: 310 kg
Separator: SEP900* Width 400
* Empty shell removal blower capable of extract between 20 and 30% of the empty shells.
Elevator: ELO ou Elevateur ECO

Empty shell removal blower SEP900
To gain time during the sorting, the appropriate empty shell removal blower can be paired with the CRC. Empty shell removal blower capable of extract between 20 and 30% of the empty shells.

For automatic operation, it is possible to make a line as follows, adding a table for sorting and sorting halves, quarters and pieces.

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