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This economic harvester passes everywhere for small and medium-sized productions, surprising with its simplicity to operate, its workability and flow. The leading front wheel is guided from the back thanks to a drawbar. This harvester is the smallest of our range but she has all the advantages of her big sisters.It’s designed to pick only nuts and dried fruits, for a surface of 5 hectares maximum.Easy to use, this machine is easy to operate thanks to good visibility. It has a manual control of progress and a control of the organs by hydraulic distributor. It has two rows, one by ventilation and one by vibrating grid.A powerful airblower removes leaves.

Engine: 25 CV KOHLER ZT740 2 cylinders in V,  Yield 4h / hectare
Transmission: Hydrostatic movement with variable speed, Differentially manual locking, Rear axle drive by belt, Other fully hydraulic movements, 2 wheel drive, 1 steering wheel
Tires: Front / Rear : 18 x 9.50 – 8 type Quad
Hopper volume: 180 liters
Cockpit: Deported on the left
Harvesting Pick-up: Cylindrical rubber brushes Ø650 mm
Height adjustment by the front wheel
Harvesting width: 700 mm
Length : 2,60 m – Width : 1,40 m – Height : 1,75 m

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