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The machine does not break, but only separates the broken fruit from the shell. It best cleans the almonds for which it is designed, made and delivered to the customer, which has no objection to it. On the same principle it can excellently separate the hazelnut shell and slightly weaker nut. It has also been tested on hazelnuts and works without problems. Broken almonds, hazelnuts or nuts are inserted into the funnel. Using a vibrating channel, they are inserted little by little into the blower, where the air column can be adjusted. The core comes out on one side and the shell on the other. A final examination by a man is always necessary.

Operating capacity: 120-300 kg / h
Weight: 175 kg
Height: 190 cm
width: 120 cm
length: 120 cm
Built-in electric power: 3KW
Operating voltage: 220/380 volts

Watch the movie working with almonds

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