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Automatic line with belt for marking and labeling , adhesive label on products that are placed manually or automatically on the tape contains :
The machine consists of a base . Line conveyor 1500mm long strip and rapid module PK – 100 – FAST for labeling , for setting one label on the upper side . The system is for individual rectangular products . Control panel with diagnosis and control of all functions in order to touch. The control panel stores all settings for one type of label and the device adjusts quickly to work .
The device is made of stainless steel , with a brushless motor , with a centralized control panel to control all functions of the machine and head with built-in diagnostics .
Band width is the alternate 150 mm , but can be longer . The machine can be equipped at the entrance with automatic feeder product , which is made to order based on the products that are labeled .
Belt speed is 35 m / min . which means that the machine is able to label up to 6000 pieces / hour , depending on the speed of the operator .
The device is designed to be installed in line with other machines, eg filling or wrapping or work independently .



Etiketirka Pk-100-Fast Etiketirka Pk-100-Fast control unit

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