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Manual and semi-automatic labelling machines for round bottles and for square and rectangular containers, glass, tin, plastic or any material with smooth surface. Fast and economical labelling machines suitable for small productions.

For round, conical and special shapes

Oblik boca

It is designed to stick labels on several cylindrical bottles or containers with a diameter between 40 mm and 120 mm. It is perfect for containers of glass, jars, plastic, cans or for other cylindrical object with smooth surface.

Adapt SFX-EV to the different types of containers is very easy and quick thanks to the particular regulation system. The new lever system minimize the effort and the movement speeding up the process of labelling. The labeling process remains always precise and accurate.
The labeler is made of polyethylene PE500, widley use for components in food machinery, it’s waterproof and easy for cleaning.

Etiketirka SFX-PEEtiketirka SFX-EVEV sa pečatom

Etiketirka SFX-Q

Manual labeller SFX-Q perfect for square and rettangular containers of glass, plastic or for any other object with smooth surface



Dimension 32x50x26cm 36x50x26cm 36x50x35cm
Weight neto 11,2 kg 11,2 kg 12,1 kg
Ambalage 35x54x30cm 38x54x40cm 38x54x40cm
Weight bruto 13,6 kg 14 kg 14 kg
Bottle typ round round square
Capacity 350 b/h 400 b/h 200 b/h


It is equipped with a motor controlled by photocell and start button to speed up the labelling process. Model SFX-QT print a date on a labell.

Etiketirka SFX-EEtiketirka SFX-ET

Model SFX-E  SFX-EQ 
Dimension 37x67x28cm 37x67x32cm
Weight neto 18 kg 25 kg
Ambalage 38x76x32cm 38x76x34cm
Weight bruto 20 kg 28 kg
Bottle type round round
Capacity 600 b/h 600 b/h

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