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DEVSA doseur a vibration 600

Electronic dosing unit model DEVSA entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel suitable to dose different types of granular products in pre-formed bags with quantities to be agreed (grams per bag)

Consisting of:
– supporting structure
– load hopper capacity 25 litres
– vibration channel width 220 mm.
– load cell
– digital display to program the required weight
– product conveying tube with half ring activated by a pneumatic cylinder keeping the bag in filling position
– seal unit located on machine frame
– foot switch t ogive input to doser and seal unit
– electric power 220 V. – 50/60 Hz
– power absorbed 200 VAC

– extra conveying tubes for different bag size
– air compressor not included into the quotation
– dosing unit may be equipped with a plate to dose into trays
(By means of knobs it’s easily possible to remove the conveying tube and instead apply a plate to dose on trays)

Explanation of the functioning:

The operator fills the hopper with the product to dose and he programs the required weight on the display aside the instrument by adjusting the speed (quick/slow). Example: in case the operator has to pack 1000 grams of product, he will set 930 grams quick and 70 grams slow in order to obtain a better accuracy on the final weight..
He will then insert a preformed bag onto the conveying tube and press the foot switch: the cylinder connected to an half ring, will strongly keep the bag in it’s position., the vibration channel starts to vibrate letting the product fall gradually into the bag.
Once the weight has been achieved, the cylinder with half ring will return to the rest position and the filled bag falls onto the support from where is taken and brought under the impulse sealing unit. The action on foot switch will activate the seal unit and seal the bag.
Both filling and sealing operations may be carried out simultaneously.

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