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DOS DOS dispenser for tea, coffee, dried fruits, nuts, mushrooms, peas, lentils, cereals, rice, pasta dry and frozen, sugar and other small grain products

DOSDOS-5000It is a compact stand-alone unit which allows a simple way dosing via load cell weighing various products that are packaged in cans, jars, saucers, whether in the medium granular products or with a fine, including flour. Packaging is possible in various versions and in bags.
Items to be packed are put into the hopper of stainless steel with adjustable shock absorbers for a steady flow of product in the vibrating channel.

You can set the desired weight on the digital display, taking into account the size of the product. The machine works with two speeds and distributes products initially with higher speed for rough measurement and at the end of slows down and gently shaking to make fine dosing. Microprocessor depending on the severity of the set on-screen operated vibrating groove varying oscilation on the (fast / slow), a measuring unit transmits the weight thus achieving high accuracy.
There is a photocell above the first channel that maintains a constant level of product.
There is a spring or pneumatic spring mechanism that keeps the bag if needed (where the bag is filled). Spring is designed for packing up to 500g, while for larger packaging to 1500g must be used pneumatic holder. For packing up to 5 kg is required special double pneumatic holder. If it is packed in the container holder is not required. There is a possibility of adding a liquid preservative such as brine to the mozzarella and olives. If you want to pack from 100g-5000g delivers the option to quickly and easily be replaced for the packing up to 500g.
The maximum size of the dosage:

DOSDOS-500          100g-1500g
DOSDOS-5000        500g-5000g
SUPERDOS-5000   100g-5000g

Part of the welding comprises:
Tape pulse welding
Pneumatic cylinder for closing bags
Switch to select functions: fully manual or semi-automatic
holder bags

Cijev za punjenje malaDescription of work
1. Insert the bag on the tube or set container under the pipe.
2. Press the pedal or START button, channel vibrates and stops on reaching the target weight automatically and fills the bag. The channel at the end vibrate more slowly in order to achieve greater measurement accuracy.
3. Place the filled bag in the welder.
4. Insert another empty bag to the filler tube or place the pan below
5. Press the pedal or START button when at the same time start the filling cycle  other bags and the cycle of welding before filled bag.

Size 60x60x35cm hopper 25 liters DOSDOS 500 or 60x60x70cm 60lit DOSDOS 5000
Size vibrating channel is 15x40cm.
Inlet tube for the introduction of products in a jar or a bag can be made with size as You need according sample of jars or cans. Standard are Φ34mm and Φ60mm for a machine with one channel to 1500g. For the machine up to 5000g is made as You desire, but usually is Φ90mm or bigger.
The secondary channel dimensions of length 80cm.
Total dimensions of the machine is 100x100x167cm DOSDOS 500 or 100x100x197cm DOSDOS 5000
Weight dispensers: 80kg DOSDOS 500 or 90kg DOSDOS 5000
Overall dimensions of transport packaging 105x95x98 total gross weight of 100-150 kg
Power supply: 220 V single phase
Power consumption: 600W

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