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The most ingenious, simple, versatile and the most productive, functional and cost effective wrapping machine in the world!

The UNIQUE wrapping machine introduces a new era in wrapping technology, providing the definitive solution to unresolved wrapping problems.The unit is designed to meet the users needs without complication.

The UNIQUE is a simplified wrapping machine which is extremely easy to use. Its innovative rotating sealing unit allows for pieces to be loaded either horizontally, diagonally or vertically, based on their characteristics.The various positions can be obtained using a simple flywheel mechanism. The possibility of switching between products to be wrapped (thanks to the automatic connection between the product length photocell sensor and the central PLC) allows the operator to work continuously with no need to adjust the machine. It is therefore possible to consecutively wrap pieces of various quantities and lengths, with practically no limitations.

The UNIQUE wrapping machine provides for a minimum savings of 50% to 80% in comparison to other devices with similar features, above all in terms of the usable roll width and the possible wrapping dimensions. Moreover the machine’s production speed matches that of the operator loading the products.


HORIZONTAL for products of more than 1 m in length (including tubes, rods and wood profiles or other similar products)
DIAGONAL for food and non-food products, both single or multiple (ideal for baked goods, bread or confectionary products, both loose or on trays; for fruits and vegetables in PE netting) VERTICAL for food and non-food products, both single or multiple; granular or powdered products (rice, beans, pasta, flour, coffee); general odds and ends, etc

• double pairs of feed and sealing rollers
• traverse sealing with “cut and seal” jaws, vertical closure
• adjustable conformer to facilitate and expedite formal changes
• feeding speed (and, therefore, wrapping speed as well) adjustable through the PLC (and also obviously linked to the length of the pieces)
• temperature of the “cut and seal” unit and the sealing rollers electronically controlled by the PLC
• the machine can be equipped with a series of accessories to extend its applications
• the machine is capable of working with laminates, macro and micro perforated PPL and even PE, by modifying the sealing unit (option)

Machine manufactured according to CE rules.

Power supply  220V – 1ph
Power required           3 kW
Overall machine dimensions L x W x H       750 x 1000 x 1400 mm
Machine Weight         300 kg
Minimum bag dimensions      10 x 10 x 0 mm
Maximum bag dimensions    oo x 300 x 180 mm   
Maximum roll width    700 mm
Production      15/20 pcs/min

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