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The coffee encapsulation machine is a new very economical and inexpensive automatic rotary coffee machine for packing ground coffee in 2-20 gram capsules for small batches.
Supported Capsule Types: The machine is tuned for compatible K Cup, Nespresso, Dolce Dense, Lavazza, etc. capsules.

Machine Capacity: 8-12 capsules / minute (480-720 capsules / hour)
Important Note: The machine can only produce one type of capsule at the customer’s choice. With certain modifications it is possible to produce several types of capsules.

– automatic withdrawal of empty capsules from the guides
– automatic dosing and filling of coffee into the capsule;
– automatic positioning of the aluminum lid;
– Automatic lid closing;
– ejection of the finished capsule.

Technical specifications:
Dosage: up to 20 gr ± 0.1g
compatible NESPRESSO 7 g and others, Aluminum capsules + pre-cut aluminum lid or other
Parts in contact with the product: in AISI 304
Fill the capsules with servo screw 
Air consumption: 6bar 0,1 m3 / min.
Voltage: three-phase 380V 50 Hz, 1.2 kW
Machine size: 602 x 820 x 1653 mm
Machine weight: 120 kg

Fitting the lid with a vacuum. Patented soft contact device design that guarantees tight and tidy sealing and ensures 100% leak-free sealing. Copying and forgery is not allowed.



Equipped with air cleaner gun and termination sensors if no capsule or cap is in place. Outlet section for ejecting capsule with guide.

Option: The station can operate indoors with the addition of nitrogen to maximize fresh coffee. Then work with the nitrogen generator.


Larger machines with a capacity of 50 capsules / minute or more are also available.

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