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CapriPacking machine for mozzarella Capri is adapted at the moment of economic crisis and dedicated to the small business and to the craftsmen that they wish to begin a job in economic way, with a equipment simple to use and the minimal investment. Capri is planned to be used in small space. Is measure t80x95 cm and a height of 140cm , mounted on wheels for easy move in every place. The fundamental characteristic is the simplicity of use and the facility of programming. It does not exist on the market machine with similar characteristics and exceptionally competitive price.Componens are made in stainless steel, easy washable.



Vertical packaging machine works in automatic mode
1) Form the bag from reel of film
2) Run the welds, vertical and the bottom. 
3) Fill the mozzarella and brine through doser and self-priming pump
4) Making the cut and the gap of the package.
Worker places mozzarella on the cargo tank. The tank in every working cycle overturns, and directly inserts the content in the mold preparation tube. It can be manifactured single pieces or multiples (es: bocconcini) , while the pump fill brine? The welding machines  cuts the foil with mozzarella and brine. Stamping date is with ink (dry immediately). Works pneumatically at each work cycle. Mounted on a sliding track  horizontally or vertically. It has 10 rotating fields for updating the data. Font size 5 mm.
Dosage from 125 to 500 gr + steering fluid 
Tolerance + / – 2%
Productivity 11/12 pcs/min depending on the type of film and the product to be packaged
packagge max.height 280mm
Width 165mm with diameter of tube 100mm   
Supply 220 volts. 50/60 Hz
Installed capacity 2,000 VA
Machine dimensions 75 cm x110cm x 150cm (H)
Approximate weight 110 Kg
Pneumatic 6 bar

For packing olives or pickled cucumber with liquid is added a weighing system.

Capri-masline OLIVE

EUROSTICK for filling products into small bags – monodoses

The machine is standard and it is possible to fill various liquids using a special pump with an anti-drip valve. It is possible to fill oil, vinegar, semi-thick products such as mayonnaise, ketchup, using a special pump. for honey it is necessary to have a heated funnel with a stirrer. This is an economical machine that fills bags of 10-50 ml, but it is possible to order a machine that fills larger bags of larger quantities of product.
Dosage from 10 to 50 ml
Productivity 15-22 packs per minute, depending on the type of film, quantity and type of product
Bag height 50-130mm
Bag width Max. 45mm (forming tube diameter  30mm), second pipe option
Power supply 220 Volt. 50/60 Hz
Installed power 1,500 VA
Dimensions 70x85X95 cm (without stand)


It is a compact device that allows easy filling granulated and granular products as short-dried fresh or frozen pasta, rice, legumes such as lentils, peas, beans, seeds, nuts, hazellnuts, almonds or frozen berries, candies, cookies items in plastic bags of 100 to 1000 grams, together with a filling system from the ground. The dosed products are introduced into an adjustable stainless steel hopper with a constant flow of products in the vibration channel. You can set the desired weight on the digital display, taking into account the size of the product. It adjusts with two charging speeds, “fast” for rough and “slow” for final charging. Tare at each beginning of the cycle.
The microprocessor, according to the weight placed on the screen, also acts in the vibration channel by varying the oscillations (fast / slow) transmits the product and allows’ high accuracy. Everything is made of stainless steel.
It is possible to make it with an outlet elevator that takes the packed bags to the work table or rotary table, in order to increase work hygiene and so that the worker does not have to bend over.
For larger capacities, it is possible to use a trocal dispenser.

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