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Clipping and weighting machine AGRFT14

Clipping machine AGRFT14

Packing machines for various types of fruits and vegetables in the net.
Ideal for packaging oranges, tangerines, lemons, apples, potatoes, onions, garlic, beets, melons, etc.

All machines comply with the directive 2006/42 EC. Built with stainless steel frame AISI 304.
Output max: 40 bag/min (depend of number and skils of operators and products)
Adjustable table, Closing staple regulation, Staple loader capacity:2×740, Clip FT-8

One standard tube Φ160 mm is supplied with the machine. It is possible to change it or purchase an additional tube Φ90mm, Φ110mm, Φ200mm. For other sizes on request. A second tube is also provided that another worker can prepare the second net, in order to easily and quickly replace the tube and continue working without waiting for changing empty tube.

There are three versions of colored iront or stainless steel:

A manual version with a pedal where the worker presses the lever with the pedal by leg. Weight 45 kg.

Pneumatic version: compressed air 6 bar, 4.5lit consumption / cycle. Weight 45 kg.

Electrical version: 220 / 380V, Weight 66 kg.

Several machine-accelerated options can be supplied with each machine:

Extra net tube for another dimension made of colored iron or stainless steel.




Belt carrier with strap, making a handle or strap for easier carrying.

Watch the move here.

Flags for printing weight, shelf life, item names, manufacturers, barcodes and other information. With the printer, this information can be printed on-site if you do not already get it done by the graphic artist. After printing, it is rewound in a roll so that it can be used further in the operation of manual or automatic labels. For this purpose, printers and rewinders may be used, which you may already have.

When working, the worker can pull the flag by hand and position it with the net so it can snap with it. It is much easier to create a manual or automatic label. Their function is best seen in the movie on our site. The link at the end of the document.

Pakiranje u mrežicu

The dscale platform with the screen can be positioned below the outlet of the tubes with valid products and make stickers that attach to the clip with the neth.

Supplies: metal clip FT-8 box 10,000 pcs.

Net in roll 4000 m

Non-printed flag , roll white  145x50x12; 2.000 pcs

Line for packing fruit in containers in a net

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