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This  is a new professional machine completely made in Italy born to overwrap any kind of packages with typical cigarette packages solders, for cosmetics, parfumes, medical items, aliments, games, Jewell case CD, DVD o BluRay box or anythig else from your fantasy, the limitation is given from the cellophane width. Machine is good for your small or medium packages business allow you to save money and a very hard industrial process. With it you will be able to weap packages in your house, also restore damage packages with same industrial results. Thanks to cellophane rolls you will cut the film for any need and make perfect solders till 50cm! This without any waste. There are 2 versions: SB-35 & SBW-50, the difference is just the dimensions and the roll width them can play. Machine is a completely manual unit but acquiring a discreet operation you will realize till 150 box per hour, times are variable due to Box dimensions and person who works. Overwrap alone your packages  you can do this reducing costs to just 1-2 cents /Box!
When your box need a tailored cellophan roll but you have a low production, cutting option allow you to continuous cut the film while dragged, to your suited width. Than with the Point Soldering Module you can add more style to your square boxes sides, joining the 2 flaps with a single small point of solder.

Packaging: every kind of box hard or semi-hard
Production: till 150 pcs./hour (variable)
Film cutting: thermal blade ni/cr (internal regulation)
Solders Packaging: stabilized thermic Panel
Panel working temperature: default 135°,
Thermical stability: ± 1°
Panel temperature: adjustable ambient -150° step 1°
Inside thermical protection
Adjustable film clutch
Graft thermal blade protection
Cellophan: Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)
Max cellophan rolls tichness: 25/30/35 Mic
Max cellophan rolls width: SB-35:  35 cm – SBW-50: 50 cm
Max cellophan rolls diameter: 30cm (11”)
Tipycal rolls production: 4-6000pz d.28cm
Dimensions(without roll): SB-35 42x19x45 – SBW 56x19x45 cm
Power supply: 110VAC/60Hz – 220VAC/50Hz – 350W
Weight: netto 10/17kg – (without roll).

-EXTRA BAR HOLDER REEL: for a fast replacement

-ROOLS: many kind available in warehouse


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