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VV200 is a manual packaging machine for the hermetical closure under vacuum and for the conservation of food in glass jars or bottles closed with twist-off caps. It is enough to position the jar or bottle with its cap (just partially screwed down) on the machine under the trasparent chamber and start the machine to suck the air from the chamber and from the jar. When we consent to the atmosphere pressure to come again inside the chamber, the jar will remain automatically closed. It is possible to use all the space available under the vaccum chamber by flanking and/or overlaying the jars.

POWER           230 V – 50/60 hz. – P+N+PE
POWER CONSUMPTION         150 Watt
WEIGHT          30 Kg.
OUTPUT          100 pcs/h
MACHINE DIMENSIONS          300 x 400 x 560mm
VACUUM CHAMBER diameter 180mm x height 290mm
VACUUM PUMP           3 m3


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