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Semi-automatic electronic dosing machine BE-KISS with weighing cells

Average capacity about: 5-6 pcs / minute
For granular and rough powdered products
Supporting structure made of aluminum profiles.
Other stainless steel AISI 304
Optional two versions: table or stand alone with wheels.
The filling hopper on the machine head
Charging with a vibrating canal.
Variable filling rate rough and fine
Electronic weighing cells
Release the product into a bag with a pedal or button
Weighing range: 20 g to 2 kg
It was 220 – 1 – 50 Hz.


The horizontal conveyor belt transports the bags through the welding section
Electronic card for setting welding speed
Thermoregulator for controlling welding temperature
PRINTING  date, LOT number up to 12 letters or digits
Option table and stand-alone model with stand
Voltage 220V single phase

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