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The Mini Liquid machine can dose liquids through the use of peristaltic pumps (Watson-Marlow, Seko etc.) depending on the type of product.
The machine is managed by a PLC that interacts with the user through a touch-screen that allows you to increase and decrease the dosage of the liquid and you can also set the number of bottles to be dosed according to the size.
A sensor checks the presence of the bottle which, if absent, passes to dose the next bottle without dirtying or dispensing.
When the machine is started, a message is sent on the touch-screen if the pitch needs to be reset.
The machine moves with a stepper motor that develops 3.2 Nm and is controlled by a special board connected to the PLC.
The standard machine comes with the Seko peristaltic pump.
On request, the machine can be equipped with a Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump which allows you to have a single tube for each type of product, avoiding any type of contamination between products.
The machine is supplied with two bottle holder discs.
For oily products, a check valve is set up to block the drop.
Through a stainless steel hopper it is also possible to dose fluid creams to be filled in jars.
The production with 10 ml bottles is 700 pieces per hour.
The machine is programmed to fill even smaller or larger bottles of course by changing the number of bottles in the loading disk according to their size, for example 25-20-15-10 positions.
The machine is guaranteed for two years and complies with CE regulations.
For the pharmaceutical sector we can offer protocols related to GMP provisions.

Power supply 220V , Electric consumption 60W
Capacity with 6mm diameter tube 0.5 liters / minute
Machine footprint 350 X 450 X 500 mm, Machine weight 10 Kg

WARRANTY 24 month

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