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innovative extractors that enable the production of essential oils, aromatic waters, distillates and the concentration of thermolabile solutions.


Excellent quality essential oil that is completely limpid and transparent with respect to the essential oils that are found in commerce, this is obtained thanks to the low processing temperatures
Innovative electric heating system, low energy consumption, NO HOODS NO GAS or other supply system,  only needs an electrical outlet!
Workplace safety (perfect for use in educational farms or in schools)
Reduction of extraction times (max 1h) 
Cooling Chiller with recycled water – NO WATER CONSUMPTION !!!
Increased yield obtained by the subdivision of the baskets in different sections
Several production capacity of installations depending on the product to be processed available in models 

Model/ volume 20lIt 100lIt 300lIt
Herb Quantity  2-3 kg 5-15kg 35-50kg
Dimension 100x60x130 cm 160x80x170 cm 240x130x260 cm
Voltage and power 230V / 3KW 380V ili 230V na zahtjev / 5KW 380V / 10KW
Cage for herbs 3 inox nets 3 inox cage 4 inox cage


(extraction of essential oils from medicinal plants made of stainless steel AISI304). As an energy source for heating water and obtaining steam, there are two versions. The electric version needs 21KW of power, while the steam version requires a steam generator and consumes 4.5KW.

A tank with a capacity of 600 liters insulated in such a way as to limit heat loss and reduce energy consumption
Reinforced rounded lid,
Drain from the tank with ball valve 1 + 1/2 “for proper cleaning and sanitation of the machine at the end of the cycle,
Indirect steam heating system
High efficiency vacuum pump, empty control system
steam cooling circuit through a closed circuit,
1 piece stainless steel basket divided into 4 compartments with lifting handles
1pc trolley for Aisi304 stainless steel basket
1pc Trolley storage cover,
1 piece of basket lifting crane makes it easier to remove the basket from the machine
Support on 6 legs

Tank capacity 600lit
Height (h) 2600 mm, Depth (p) 1250 mm, Width (l) 2600 mm
Required working space: Depth (pl) 2200 mm Length (II) 4000
Three-phase 380V + N + T 16A, Max. power 4500 kW (steam version) and 21KW electric version
Connection 1/2 “for water, Drainage system 3/4″, Drain working tank 1 + 1/2 ”
Steam inlet 3/4 “Output 1/2”, Steam consumption max 30 kg / h

DISTILLATION SYSTEM 1000 liters or 2000 liters

Vapor Generator – complete with burner

(butan-propan ili G.P.L. 1 LITER = 0,52 KG  METAN = 1MC = 2KG)

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