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The safety lids are a thin, uniform polystyrene foam sealant on one side, coated with a special adhesive, specifically formulated to be activated by screwing on the container sealing material itself. This product requires a minimum area for locking and rotation of the lock; the perforation and insertion of the sealing disk into the cover is facilitated.

Safety covers are mainly used for the packaging of dry and liquid foods, medicines, cosmetics, motor oils.

Safety covers can be used in and without induction welding machines. There is a version that you just put in the lid and screw it up. The safety covers will be self-adhesive to the bottle without the use of any tools or machines.

The covers are made depending on the size, material required. Printing in larger quantities is also possible.

The safety lid is mainly used for packaging dry and liquid foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, motor oils and much more. The formula with which it was designed makes it extremely simple to apply and at the same time resistant, ensuring a perfect closure without risk of leakage or formation of air bubbles. Precisely for this reason, The safety lid is ideal for storing food products and, in general, all products that require avoiding contact with air and other external agents. The characteristics of the sheath make it possible to maintain unchanged the properties of the contained products, always ensuring freshness and quality. For all your needs, trust food seal.
This is a high quality product.
The safety lids ensure excellent adhesion in containers of any material, such as glass, plastic and PVC. Its strong point lies in the simplicity of use: once applied ensures, if properly sealed, an excellent barrier against any external agent. The safety lids, food seal is available in a wide range of thicknesses, with different characteristics of application and use: whatever the type of product to be stored, our sheath adapts perfectly to the container, maintaining, even for very long periods, the quality of the product. Thanks to constant research and the use of first choice materials, it has been possible, over the years, to improve the characteristics of the seal to obtain a product that can satisfy every type of need, even the most demanding.

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