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It is a compact unit that provides a simple way of dosing via load cells for weighing the various products that are packaged in cans , jars , saucers , washers whether it is a medium granular products or with a fine , including powder .
Items that are packaged are placed in the hopper of stainless steel with adjustable dampers to control and a steady flow of product into vibrational channel .
You can set the desired weight on a digital screen , taking into account the size of the product .
The machine works with two speeds and distributes products initially higher speed for rough measurement and at the end of the achieved weight slows down and gently shake to make fine materials .
Microprocessor depending on the severity set to screen , controls the vibration channel by varying the oscillation ( fast / slow ) , and the unit transmits the weight which achieves high accuracy .
There photocell above the first channel that maintains a constant level of the product .
There is a mechanism that holds the bag if necessary ( where there are full of bags ) , and there is a possibility of adding a liquid preservative like mozzarella in brine or olive .

The maximum size of the dosage is 20g – 1000g depending on the product
Size of the funnel is 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
Size vibrating channel is 15cm x 40cm
Inlet pipe for introducing the product in a jar or a can be made ​​as appropriate sample jars or cans .
The secondary channel measuring 80 cm in length .
The overall dimensions of the machine is 100cm x 80cm x105cm
Dispensers Weight : 60kg
Power supply : 220 V single phase
Power consumption : 350W
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