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Dimension of caps 28x18mm, 30x60mm, 31,5-24mm, 31,5x18mm
the latest generation system * PROFESSIONAL ‘
all made of stainless steel.

1.Basement of machine and the rubber part to accommodate bottles that do not slip
2.Regulation width and centering bottles
3.Holes to adjust the height of the head to accommodate bottles of different heights
4.Lever for raising and lowering the head
5.Switch to start the machine and the rotation of the head
6.Emergency switch STOP stops the machine
7.Head which contains the two rollers forming the groove on the aluminium cap

Width: 320 mm Length: 250 mm, height: 780 mm, Weight: 22 kg
Number of closing per hour: 300/400 bottles
Voltage: 230 V , Noise level: 70 dB
Spindle speed: 97 rpm, reduction ratio 1: 105, Type of gear: Gear reducer
Power: 520 W
The machine has CE certification
Head for closing aluminum caps – Φ 30 x 60 mm and other measures
The head is chosen by the selection of a particular type and dimension og caps.



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