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Turbo mixer V-mix10

In the continuous search for improving the quality of the final product, the mixing is an essential and fundamental. 
The turbo-emulsifier series Vmix 10 allow to obtain good results because you can control, combine and optimize the capabilities of the motor mixer and mixing of turbo-emulsifier vacuum and the temperature of the product itself, reducing preparation time and the related costs.

The turbo-emulsifier Vmix 10 are complete:

Engine emulsifier mixer and variable speed, electronically controlled
Mixing with a Teflon scraper   
Pressure gauge and vacuum pump control
Observatory for visual inspection of the product during mixing
Heating and cooling of the product in a water bath

Technical data:
Production capacity: 3 -10 lt
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Max height: 85 cm
Empty weight: 50 Kg

Turbo-emulsifier sa hlađenjem vmix10 sa 40 CT

Turbo mixer V-mix10 sa hladnjakom

Complete with turbo-chiller Vmix 10 CT 40: closed-circuit cooling system economically, silently and efficiently.
Chiller CT 40: particularly recommended for cooling water in small and medium capacity machines.

The use of CT cooler 40 achieves a considerable saving of energy and resources


General characteristics of the chiller 40 CT


Setting, monitoring and display of operating temperature
Sensor with visual indication of low water level
Pump to recirculate water in the tank
Pump for cooling the water bath
Group is complete with compressor, condenser and fan
Water storage tank of 40 liters Fedde with adequate insulation complete with cooling coil, drain valve, cover
Support frame and panels of stainless steel locking
Base on wheels
Compact, easy to install and maintain
No need for links for the loading and unloading of the water
Reliable and economical, provides a significant energy savings and low operating cost
Refrigerant R-404 to the compressor unit
Dimensions: 60 x 70 cm x 65 h, noise <60 dB

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