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Aquila is a machine with a star wheel with single intermittent movement.
The operator manually loads the containers on the conveyor belt , the machine with star wheel movement positions the bottles under the dosing needle on the mouth of the containers, fill them acetone with easily adjustable volume dosing syringe.
Manual or automatic cap placement on the bottles, and a screwing head close the bottles.
Unloading on a conveyor belt.
Technical data Machine: AQUILA 350 /R
Production speed : adjustable up 1000 pcs/h
Dosage: From 50 ml to 150 ml.
Overall Dimension: 900x900x1800 mm (LxPxH)
Working high: 90mm +/- 50mm
weight: Kg 500
Power supply: 380 volt 50-60Hz / 3KW three phase + neutral + earth
Air pressure 6 bar / 100 Nlt/h
Noise: < 80 dB


Conveyor belt loading-unloading ( 3 meters )
• Stainless steel AISI 304 fine satin finish.
• Conveyor acetal.
• Side guides wear adjustable width.
• Drive with motor-reduction gear with grease type long-life.
Sensor presence control, on star wheel, no bottle stop machine

Base Frame
Sturdy base frame in AISI 304 stainless steel, welded with TIG system , equipped with panels in stainless steel, easily removable for access to the operator of the machine. All mounted on adjustable feet.

Mechanical moving of the various groups.
Advancement bottles, a star with a single index mechanically operated.
Sensor for monitoring the presence of bottles in the star; no bottle stop machine.
Main engines with electronic speed regulation.
Group 2 needle holder complete with needle, with automatic descent of the nozzle during filling.
2 volumetric dosing pump( 100 ml ) with syringe stainless steel . Piston is made of PTFE or stainless steel (depend of the product ). Each syringes is complete of an aspiration valve.
Fine adjustment of dosage with a screw on graduate scale.
Power product from bath container by max. 900mm from the ground( your property ).
Removing facilitated of all the component parts of the dosage for a complete cleaning of all components.
Plastic pipes in RETEX transparent.

N° 1 Closure system with screwing head , pneumatic motor , for plastic cap , adjustable speed
Height adjustment for closure group.

Command and control
All electrical components are in accordance with international standards (CE).
Electric box pool completely installed on the machine with PLC to manage the operation of the machine.
All controls are centralized on a single control panel.
Push button for emergency stop conveniently located on the machine.
Pneumatic system controller and filter separator.

Discharge bottles
Unloading bottles on conveyor belt .

Safety Covers
Scratch resistant panels and anodized aluminium accident protections , complete of switches to stop the machine in case of opening doors.



Change size for different diameter container Star wheel group .

N° 2 Pneumatic nozzles for viscous /dense product

Automatic screw cap placing
• Automatic screw cap feeder with vibrating bowl stainless steel AISI 304 with solder points mounted on height adjustable stand.
• Slide that to transfer and insert cap on the bottles.
• Sensor for monitoring the presence of the cap.

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