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monoblocco_MV2 211-600dpi

Telm filling and capping monoblocks are studied for cylindrical glass or plastic containers, for different kind of products. They are used in the cosmetic sector as well as in the food and chemical field. The most important aspect is the compact design and the small structure dimension. Containers enter in the rotary station where they are first filled, than the cap is placed on the bottle and the last station is to close the container. Rotating feeding table and static accumulating table Control panel with touch screen display Au tomat ic piece-cou n ter program Automatic cleaning cycle Photocells revealing the presence of container s and caps . Antiengulfing system Automatic regulation of dosing valve group Rotary station with stepping motor.
The machine is built in compliance with all CE norms and has safet y protect ions in polycarbonate with stainless steel chassis. Security micro-switches to stop the machine in case of danger or alarm.

ŸTechnical features:
ŸRotary station composed of filling volumetric dosers in stainless steel, equipped with antidrop devices. Clamp connections for an easy and simple cleaning or maintenance. Filling valves move up and down to dose inside containers’ neck. Manual volume regulation by the handwheel situated in the back of the doser. Product hopper with level sensors to control the feeding. Manual feeding of caps in the suitable feeding device ( automatic feeding on demand) Automatic pick and place device, equipped with a pneumatic piston to place caps. Control device to assure the correct position of cap on container. No-cap-no-roll system. Capping station with stepping motor and electrical regulation of the closing head torque della coppia di chiusura.

Data sheet:
Dimensions: 3.000 x 2.500 mm, tables excluded
Electric supply: 400V, 50Hz , 6kW,
compressed air supply 6bar
Estimated hourly production on double filling head: 1.000-1500 pcs/h on 250ml

Optional: Ÿ Ÿ
Automatic cap feeding
Marking and labelling devices


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