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Filling machinery Enolmaster get the version for filling various kinds of liquid in the jars where already has added a product whose dimensions are not always the same, so they can not be filled with a volumetric dosing unitis. This machine always fills to a certain level so that in different jars will be filled with different amount of liquid, but always to the same level. It is ideal for small producers who produce various compotes, pickles, peppers and other types of pickled products. Also for producers who packed olives in jars. It can be used to add oil in various types of products such as cheese, anchovy fillets or other seafood. The filling process is simple. In the jar is first inserted product which are packed (eg. Cucumbers, herbs and spice and than liquid.
There are two types of machine: semi-automatic and manual.

Semi-automatic machine

You just have to put a jar filled with cucumbers say the space provided and press. The machine will lower the filling head and naponiti liquid to the required level.

Poluautomatsko dopunjavanje tekućine u tegle za drugim proizvodima

Manual machine

Put the four already filled jars with cucumbers, take in hand the filler cap and put it on the firsth jar and press to seal  well. Then press the handle on the cover that will make a vacuum in a jar and then pour the liquid to a given level.

Manualno dopunjavanje tekućine u tegle za drugim proizvodima

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