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Cleaning Machine for hazelnut, almond and walnut small caliber P80 COMBY with blowing system for shell separation.

Length: 80cm, Width: 60cm, Height: 130cm
Weight: 70 kg
Required power 1 Kw,  Motors: 2
Voltage: 220/380 V
Operating capacity: about 25 kg / hour

Best cleans hazelnuts and at a lower percentage it can also clean almonds and nuts. Machine capacity and the percentage of pure depends on varieties, moisture, and the size of hazelnuts. The machine has a certain degree of adjustment depending on the size and calibration of the raw material. It is desirable that the raw material is calibrated, or if it is not, then the machine must be adjusted with a larger gap to first break large (smaller will pass unbroken). Then set the gap to smaller  size to break smaller hazelnuts. The machine separates the core from the shell by fan and blowing out the shell. Additionally, after the machine you have to plan a separating table (depending on which quantity you plan to clean) to manually separate the left shells and the fruit.

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