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A machine for collecting and shredding branches after pruning fruit trees such as hazelnut, chestnuts, grapes, olives, etc … Suitable for tractors from 70 to 90 hp installed on the rear and connect the cardan. You can install a truck or tow a trailer, to collect bio chips products. The machine is equipped with a reversible hydraulic connection (patented) for the collection after circumcision directly, hacking material consists of a solid rotor (patented) that allows chop branches up to 80 mm and turn them into raw material for general use and for home use as fuel. In short a simple and effective machine for shredding branches wood into tiny flakes in conditions of maximum security.

Double hydraulic Pik Up
PTO connection to the tractor front or rear
Hose for transport chips
Max thickness of the branches 8 cm


Model Energy Working width Machine width Speed cycle/min Power Weight
1600 160 cm 190 cm 750 75KS/55KW 1000kg
1800 180 cm 210 cm 750 85KS/63KW 1060kg
2000 200 cm 230 cm 750 100KS/75KW 1130kg

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