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Hazelnut breaker and cleaning machine model P300 has an inlet hopper with variable speed elevator with an inverter motor. The elevator brings hazelnuts to the breaking part. Cracking hazelnuts is by striking the two plates. Then there is a separation with a single roller separating hazelnut from the shell. The roller is made up of segments. The first segment separates the shell and throws it out. The second segment separates smaller hazelnuts. The third segment separates the bigger  hazelnuts. The whole, unbroken hazelnuts spin the drum and return to the inlet hopper for re-processing. Below the machine can be placed sacks or metal containers or elevator for loading into the next processing phase.

Possible calibration for whole and cleaned hazelnuts (optional). In this case, the part for breaking the hazelnuts is circumvented and a drum is placed with the size of the holes according to the customer’s wish, depending on the size of hazelnuts, varieties, genera, etc.

Adjust the spacing of the hazelnuts for hazelnuts of 7 to 25mm and can be ordered for the other.

Working capacity: 60-70 kg / hour of calibrated hazelnuts in round type shell. For long varieties this capacity may be different.
The capacity of the machine and the percentage of pure depends on varieties, moisture, and the size of hazelnuts. The machine has some degree of adjustment depending on the size and calibration of the raw material. It is desirable that the raw material is calibrated, or the machine must be adjusted with a larger gap to first break large and smaller to pass the whole. Then set the gap to be smaller to break smaller. And so several times. Working in this way reduces the drastic capacity because most hazelnuts do not break, but only pass through the whole system. Additionally, after the machine cleaning, you must plan a moving belt or table (depending on the amount you plan to clean) to manually seperate the shells and the fruit.

Length: 4650 mm Width: 950 mm Height: 2400 mm Weight: 510 kg
Power required 2.5KW, Motors: 5 pcs, Voltage: 220/380 V


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