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Castellero 2016After visiting some nurseries hazelnut iny Piedmont, another reason for our visit was a 34. Chestnut fair in the village Castelerro, situated at the top of a small hill, 12 kilometers from the town of Asti. We arrived in time for the preparation for a night with pizza, wine and music. They have just erected two tents and transported three wood-fired oven for pizza. In addition to pizza will be also served  cake with hazelnuts and hazelnut cream. The next day there will be a demonstration of the machines for collecting hazelnuts and workshops in orchards. It was an evaluation of the quality of hazelnuts by the commission and ten volunteers. All producers from the region (120) brought 2 kg of hazelnuts, of which the commission took 200g and broke them  and cleaned manualy. The first scoring was the size and shape, the second quantity of hazelnut core relative to the shell. They tosted them in a special machine and score its taste. The total winner will be announced at the festivities. The second day of the festival will be instead of a pizza, evening with focaccia (home version of pizza with a thick dough).
There is a old castelle next to the building with the administration and beautiful church. Unfortunately we could not enter because it was closed and we could not even get a drink because the village does not have a cafe nor a restaurant. Therefore, we regretfully look at the castle from the 15th century, which decays, as well as some of the old building and went back to Asti.

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