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Almost in parallel with the host in Milan, it was held at Parma CIBUS TEC, which is one of the most innovative exhibitions of food technology from ingredients to processing technologies, from packaging to logistics, for all segments of the food and beverage industry, for large and small producers. Over 1,000 innovative suppliers showcased solutions and high-end manufacturing systems that saw 35,000 professionals from 108 countries from the food and beverage industry. These were entire production facilities, various lines for high-volume production, but also many small semi-automatic machines for beginners and small manufacturers. Workforce shortages in our country are increasingly demanding automation. It is already in demand in a small family farm where there is no longer time to manually fill the juice, wine, put the taps and labels. With small investments, the process is shortened by 2-5 times. It is similar for packing cereals, peeled or whole hazelnuts, nuts, almonds, pasta, beans, fruits and vegetables. Let’s say it is easiest for a hazelnut manufacturer to sell a hazelnut in a shell, often neither dried and calibrated. Profits is double if it is shelled and cleaned, tripled if it is packed in confectionery bags or something else, quadrupled if it is fried, chocolateed… From the rest of the shell, pellets can be made and once again earned. The pellet is also made of other materials.  Beautiful packaging and a new type of packaging raises the price of the product. Money is offered through various EU or regional funds for the new equipment.

At both fairs there were many visitors from our area. Everyone was looking for ideas for work and various equipment, someone looked for a  market for their products. There is a lot to be learned at fairs and the cost of going has never been money thrown away.

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