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Fragonard is the oldest perfume factory in France, founded in 1926 in Grasse, in the hills of Provence, above Cannes. It is found in the Lavender Empire, which has been grown here since the Middle Ages. Lavender contains the highest percentage of essential oils. Such a species grows only in Provans, while we actually grow lavender in Croatia. In the Middle Ages the nobility was hiding its smell abundantly by spraying perfumes. Bathing was not popular at this time, even at glorious French court. Fragorand has so far produced over 100 different perfume and is known as its own brand.

We visited a branch in the village of Eze above Monte Carlo. There is a main laboratory, production of cosmetic creams, lotions, soaps. Distillation of essential oil is in Grasse. Still here in modern plant can see the exhibits of old distillery boilers, but also the latest cosmetics  equipment for production, mixers, cream fillers and perfumes, soaps, etc. The entrance is free, so all those who want to start own production should visit this world institution and learn something. Of course and buy something.

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