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We visited the 41st Host trade fair in Milan, which is held every two years at the end of October. It is a huge fair dedicated to the catering and hospitality industry, which occupies 22 pavilions. 2,249 companies participated, of which 1,360 were Italian and 889 from 55 other countries. Equipment for crafts or small businesses for the production and serving of food such as meat, pasta, bread, various pastries, pizzas, vending machines, furniture and dishes for cafes, bars, hotels is presented. There were numerous producers of coffee, various combinations of teas, drinks, cakes, biscuits, ice cream. Everything could be tasted. Over 500 different events, competitions and cooking demonstrations were held. We only saw one Croatian company, which manufactures a vending machine that prepares itself and sells French fries and a large crowd at their stand. The Chinese want to buy 100 pieces right away. The trend of growth of the food production sector, and therefore of equipment, is 5.2% annually.

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