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In organization of Advisory department Council of the City of Daruvar, in cooperation with the Counseling Services of Bjelovar-Bilogora County and the Republic of Croatia and several manufacturers of machines and protective equipment, was held on 1 March 2019. a lecture at the City of Daruvar and demonstration of the destruction of young shoots and weeds by flame in the orchard itself.
The whole event was also recorded by HRT, and will be broadcast in  the show “The fruits of the land” on 10 March 2019.

The lecture was opened by Pletikosa, owner of the  Croatian company Pletikosa (  and Marco Mingozzi, owner of the Italian company Mingozzi group. The topic was the destruction of weeds and shoots iby the flame and the special machine Pirodiserbo, which is used as an additive to the tractor. Advantages compared to classic handheld methods of eliminating organic planters, as well as benefits and savings over the use of chemical resources have been explained.
Then, other lecturers spoke about breeding and protection of hazelnuts.

On the field in the orchard, a demonstration of the work of the Pirodiserbo machine was carried out, where they could see how efficiently destroying new hazelnuts branches and various weeds using flames, using eight burners and an air curtain that does not allow the heat to rise and damage the leaf above. Flame does not damage woody branches because it contains temperature-resistant lignin. For plants with a large thick  tree it is even more efficient and easier to do. In addition, the flame destroys various bacteria and fungi, and prevents the spread of the diseases. For normal operation, three flame passes are required annually. Treatment can be performed simultaneously with grass mulching. Namely, Pirodiserbo with burners can be placed in front of the tractor, and the mulcher behind. Burning leaves can also be burned in the winter because the diseases are just transmitted to them, especially in mild winters. The flame does not hinder the root under the soil, or the beneficial bacteria and worms in it.
Machines are also made for various other cultures such as asparagus, corn, garlic, onion, grapevines, other fruit in orchards and vegetables in greenhouses.
After talking with many interested producers of hazelnuts, we also visited the nurseries of the Moulis Farm and looked at the way of planting the hazelnut seedlings and the new patented way of cultivating hazelnuts in the rows with colums and wires, such as wild berries, apples and other fruits. The feature of this breeding method is that 10 times more plant shoots are needed at start, and investment in poles and wire. It is a good thing to get 5-6 times higher yield per hectare, even if it only gets 0.5 kg per tree. With some you get up to 1.7 kg, depending on the season. Hazelnuts begin to grow much earlier than when they are in large bushes, and the entire investment is repayed after 10 years, when it is just starting to pay back for classic planting. Using the pillars it is easy and cheap to set up a net that can protect the plantings from the ice, but also from spring frosts, when plants in the flower survive and minus 8 degrees.

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